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Server downtime damages your business and our 24-hour monitoring service and support system ensures that if there is a problem, we’ll spot it and troubleshoot it immediately.

We believe that to keep your business up and running it's vital to make sure your IT network is as healthy as possible and it's our business to monitor that performance. In partnership with Kadirnet, we have been in the networking business for many years and specialize in providing Remote Network Monitoring to ISPs, property owners and businesses such as hotels, hospitals and other MDU properties.


NOC Monitoring Services
Whatever your size, our Network Operations Center (NOC) can monitor and troubleshoot your network. Whether you’re a small property owner with a few units or a major company with multiple properties, we help you avoid outages on your routers, firewalls and any other system your business relies on. In the event of a problem, we act immediately to troubleshoot the issue, notify the appropriate personnel   and minimize the amount of downtime.

Let our dedicated staff of engineers focus on your network so you can focus on your business.

  • 24x7 Network Operations Center

  • Managed NOC Software Solution

  • Custom Monitoring Development

  • Tier-1 Remediation

  • Secure Internet Portal Access

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