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DCOMM is consistently developing solutions to help partners throughout the telecommunications sector. With the belief that a passion for excellence and a drive for innovation are at the core of every long-term relationship, DCOMM is committed to finding solutions that benefit our partners, customers, and stakeholders. Contact DCOMM to discuss how we can partner with you for your continued success!


Emergency Restoration and Crisis Management
DCOMM is standing ready to help you overcome the unexpected. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding or deep freezes can cripple your network and create reputational risk when services are not restored quickly. Our team of experts and technicians are here to supplement your business continuity efforts and help you navigate the unexpected.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help develop an annual disaster recovery plan or currently find yourself in an unanticipated outage impacting thousands of customers, you can feel confident that DCOMM is your partner for emergency restoration solutions.

  • Standby Call Services

  • Fiber Restoration

  • Interim Underground and Aerial Solutions


Warehouse Management
An effective warehousing operation can be the difference between a business experiencing exponential growth and a company struggling to remain viable. DCOMM understands what goes into a successful warehouse management strategy that enables telecommunications success. Our team is ready to help make sure your warehousing needs are never a hinderance to your continued success. From inventory tracking, to shipping and reporting, contact DCOMM today to learn about our warehousing capabilities.

  • Warehouse Inventory

  • Technician Inventory

  • Equipment Recovery Tracking

  • RMA Tracking

  • Trained Warehouse Staff


Wireless Services
DCOMM recognizes and embraces the importance wireless services has on the communications infrastructure across the United States. Whether it’s students at a local high school or members of our armed forces, a safe, secure, and reliable wireless network is  critical to everyday activities. Contact us to discuss how DCOMM can support your wireless network and enable your continued success.

  • LTE and 5G Deployment

  • Cell Site Maintenance

  • Tower Installations

  • Small Cell Engineering

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